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Top Companies that Hiring Without Degree

Top Companies that Hiring Without Degree

Are you a student who is finishing up your final semesters, or someone who just graduated and looking for your first job out of college? Graduating from school is hard work and it’s not easy to get your first job after studying for 4–5 years. The challenge with getting a job as a fresh graduate is that most employers want experience, which makes it very difficult for new graduates to find work. For this reason, there are few companies that hire people based on their potential i.e. without a degree.

Top companies hiring without degrees are:


As one of the best companies to work for, Google is always hiring for non-degree jobs. Many employees at Google don’t have degrees and instead were hired for their specific skill set. Most positions at Google are open to anyone with 3 years or less of work experience. This makes it easy for recent graduates to find work.

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Apple is another company that doesn’t require a degree for a lot of positions. Most non-degree jobs at Apple are customer service related. The company is also always looking for creative types, such as designers and engineers.


Microsoft is one of the best companies to work for as a non-degree candidate. There are many open positions at the company in a variety of sectors. Most non-degree jobs at Microsoft are in the IT sector. Recent graduates who majored in IT can easily get hired at Microsoft.

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Amazon is always looking for new and innovative ways to expand and grow its company. They often host job fairs where they’re looking to hire non-degree workers. Most positions for non-degree workers are warehouse and customer service related. There’s also an opportunity to be a part of Amazon’s corporate development program.


Netflix is another company that doesn’t require a degree for many positions. In fact, most of their jobs are open to candidates without a degree. Most non-degree jobs at Netflix include customer service and IT positions. There are also some open positions for people who want to work in content creation.

More similar companies that hire non-degree candidates


Adobe is always hiring for positions without a degree, especially in the creative sector. There are open positions for graphic designers, software engineers, and even marketing analysts. Most non-degree jobs at Adobe are entry-level and customer service related.


Dropbox is another company that doesn’t require a degree for many positions. There are open positions for creative workers, customer service representatives, and engineers. Most non-degree jobs at Dropbox are entry-level positions, but there are also opportunities for advancement.


Coca-Cola is looking for people who can contribute to its growth as a company. They’re always hiring non-degree workers who want to be a part of their team. Most non-degree jobs at Coca-Cola are warehouse positions.

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble is one of the oldest companies in the world. They’re always hiring non-degree candidates. Most non-degree jobs at P&G are customer service related. There are also some open positions for entry-level salespeople.