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How to Start Making Money by Programming?

How to Start Making Money by Programming?

Programming is the most powerful skill at the moment in the digital field. There is a lot of potential in programming, and you can easily land a job if you are a creative programmer. If you are already a master at programming and wondering how to start making money with this skill, there are a lot of jobs welcoming you.

How to Make Money as a Programmer?

Making money by programming involves three steps.

1. Learn Programming

Before providing your services in any skill you need to learn that skill. If you want to start making money by programming, you should master this skill first. Try to learn from different resources like Udemy or YouTube and start working as a programmer once you have enough command on your skill.

2. Build a Reputation as a Programmer

Building a reputation is just like advertising yourself on social platforms. Start sharing your knowledge and the projects you developed. In this way, people will start knowing about you and this can be helpful to gain enough reputation in the field as a programmer.

3. Freelance as a Programmer or Get Hired

Once you have mastered the programming skill you have two options to make money. The first way of making money as a programmer is to start freelancing and work from home to earn some cash for yourself. The other way can be starting a job in a company and providing your programming services there.

How Can a Programmer Start Making money?

There are a number of ways to start your earnings as a programmer. We will discuss here in this article every aspect of making money by programming.

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most common way to start your earnings by providing your skill services online. One of the benefits of freelancing is that you are open to working for anyone in the whole world. So, chances to get hired online increase instead of staying in a limited area and looking for a job. That’s why most of programmers prefer freelancing instead of getting a job.

As a freelancer, you need to be very consistent and work hard. There are platforms like Fiverr, Upwork,, etc where you can find clients for yourself. You need to optimize your profiles in order to get hired. Use attractive and clear images that gain the attention of clients at first sight, and they prefer to visit your profile instead of others. Take the help of an image editor and photo background remover platforms available online free of cost to design beautiful attractive profile images.

2. Start Selling Programming Courses

After the trends of the world have changed especially after the Corona Pandemic, there is a rush of people looking to learn different digital skills. As programming is the top-rated high-paying job so you can find students for yourself as a programmer and make money by transferring your valuable knowledge. Getting people around you will require some reputation as a programmer that you can gain through social media. Once you realize that you have enough connections with people, you can launch a paid programming course to make money by teaching.

3. Develop Apps and Monetize Them

Developing apps and monetizing them can be a passive source of income for you. As a developer, you would not need to pay anyone for developing apps for you. You can do this task by yourself and monetize your apps with google. You will get paid by displaying ads on your application.

The other way of earning by apps can be selling your app's premium features. If your app is newly developed and doesn’t have enough traffic, then you should offer giving free trials. Once your app users have been using premium features over time and then you start selling them, they would not mind paying you. In this way, you can be able to earn a handsome amount as a programmer.

4. Utilize Social Media to Make Money Online

Social media platforms have become a marketplace now. You can find clients on social media who are looking for a person to offer programming services. Even now companies have started finding workers through social media. Most of the online companies and jobs might demand CV resumes to hire you like most of the jobs on LinkedIn need a CV. So, you have to prepare your CV in advance so that you can send it as soon as possible when someone demands it. Use colorful beautiful templates and images of yourself in the CV to make it more effective. Online background removers and picture editors like Adobe Express can be very helpful tools in this regard. Remember that your social media profile is to Your CV so it is very important to optimize it also.

5. Programming Blogs

If you have creative writing abilities and can transfer your knowledge to written words you can start a programming blog website. Start sharing the solution to programming problems. Publishing some blogs will make you able to monetize your blog.

Your blog's website is not only meant for writing programming blogs. You can start offering your services even on your website. The revenue you will earn from the clients through your own website will belong only to you so you will not need to pay fees and taxes to any platform. So, make a section of your blog website where customers can hire you for programming.

6. Start a YouTube Programing Channel

YouTube is a free source of learning therefore most people prefer it. As a programmer, you can start a YouTube channel where you can start teaching online Programming. Once you have enough subscribers and watch time on your YouTube Channel you can monetize it. Your YouTube channel will be a handsome source of income once you start getting views.

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The world is making progress day by day. The future is of technology, and everything is going to be digital. It is a great opportunity for you to make yourself ready in advance.

In this article, we have shared some aspects of making money by programming. You need to stay consistent and put effort into making money as a programmer.