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Top Django Projects with Source Code

Top Django Projects with Source Code


One of the most popular programming languages used today is Python. Today in this tutorial we are going to take you through the Top 20 Django Projects. Since the release of Python, it has been increasingly popular and is a top pick for many enterprises all around the world. The abundance of frameworks and libraries for the Python programming language that is available on the market is a huge benefit.

Python and Django concepts are fascinating to learn. But theoretical knowledge alone is insufficient and that’s why we came up with the Top 20 Python Django Projects with Source Code. Implementing our academic knowledge on some practical projects is crucial, and one needs project ideas for it. This time we will not only provide a brief about the project but also some sources from where you can learn and get source code. Working on some real-world projects is the best method to learn Django or any other framework. Projects are crucial to facilitating our learning. You will become job-ready and obtain practical experience through these projects.

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Here is the list of the Top Python Django Projects with source code:

1. Text to HTML

Project Brief:
This is an interesting project in which you can build an interface from where you can specify the text and with just a button, it will generate an HTML web page with some stylings. Basically, a simple web app that is capable of translating simple text to HTML. This app is very useful when users do not want to indulge themselves in typing HTML tags which sometimes can be time-consuming. This is useful for creating rapid online documentation of projects.

Source Code Link: Text to HTML Project

2. File Upload

Project Brief:
In this project, basically, a user has to develop a web app wherein the user can upload his/her file. This is a very basic project but much important. A Django upload file form behaves exactly like any other user input. As an illustration, consider updating your profile image on Facebook and learning how to upload files using Django. A file is chosen from your device, uploaded, and then stored on Facebook’s server. When someone accesses your profile, the server serves the file that was stored there. The file can be compared to static information on your website.

Source Code Link: File Upload Project

3. URL Shortner

Project Brief:
The abbreviate URL code or generated slugs can be customized by this URL shortener Python Django Project. This system project offers an admin dashboard through which all shortened URLs may be checked in addition to their redirected links. The user is advised to make use of Bootstrap and CSS Tailwind in order to make the Django web app interactive.

Source Code Link: URL Shortner Project

4. Web Crawler Django Project

Project Brief:
Web crawling is nowadays very important, in such a scenario having our own makes our work easy. In this project, the users will have to develop web crawlers to fetch information available on the internet. That information can be anything that the user wants to find. An amazing front that gives the user some options to select keywords and then crawl based on those keywords will be much easier. Some Python libraries like Beautiful Soup can also be used.

Source Code Link: Web Crawler Project

5. News Project

Project Brief:
In the top 20 Django projects, the News App project is a beginner and intermediate-level project. Each user must create this project in a virtual setting before obtaining the news from the News API. Use Bootstrap with Tailwind to give your web app a more engaging appearance. Try building a backend as well, though, for beginners, we recommend focusing just on the front-end part.

Source Code Link: News Project

6. Online Job Portal

Project Brief:
A Django project for an online job board is called an “Online Job Portal Project.” In its current form, this online web application is to be envisioned as a dynamic platform that constantly requires adjustments from both businesses and seekers.

The project’s goal is to enable job seekers to position their resumes and locate suitable positions while encouraging employers to post their openings and identify qualified applicants. It allows job seekers to upload their resumes, look for open positions, and check personal job listings. This Python project aims to develop an online employment board where recruiters can post job openings and applicants may submit applications. Job postings can be searched for and applied for by candidates.

Source Code Link: Online Job Portal Project

7. Django Weather

Project Brief:
This is an intermediate as well as beginners level project. In this, the user will have to make a web app in such a way that the person using the app simply enters the pin code or the name of the city and gets all the information about the weather of that particular area or region. Many other functionalities can also be added like hourly weather changes report when it will rain, high-temperature alerts, etc.

Source Code Link: Django Weather Project

8. Chat App

Project Brief:
Have you ever wondered what if you had your own chatting application? No problems with the data leak, no ads, nothing. Make a straightforward chat application where you can set up chat groups and users may communicate in real time. As you can only display a small number of recent talks and earlier chats will be destroyed, you don’t need to retain all the past chat information.

A Django chat app has a user experience that is comparable to a messenger app, where all signed-up users are listed and you can speak with anyone. The Django Framework is used everywhere, both in the front and back ends of this application. You will learn how to create a chat application in Django in this article.

Source Code Link: Chat App Project

9. Music Player

Project Brief:
There are many applications available nowadays that allow you to listen to music without having to download them. This project must offer a variety of capabilities, including the ability for users to make their own albums and playlists. Additionally, users of this app must have the option to download music, allowing them to listen to them uninterrupted when offline.

The system in the list of Top 20 Python Django Projects is entirely built in the back-end Django Framework and the front-end HTML and CSS. It offers capabilities that are comparable to those of the well-known music streaming service “Spotify,” which allows musicians to share their music through an app and let other users listen to individual songs or entire albums. Additionally, this program has download capabilities so users may stream music even when they are not connected to the internet. Any user can register for free and share their music with the world.

Source Code Link: Music Player Project

10. Dictionary Web App

Project Brief:
Create a “Dictionary Website” where users may type a word and learn its meaning as part of this simple dictionary app project using Django. Simply put, you will be building an interactive English dictionary for this app that will let users enter in words to learn their meaning as well as get word recommendations if they misspell a term.

Source Code Link: Dictionary Web App Project

11. Django Blog

Project Brief:
Here’s our 11th project in the Top 20 Django Projects. We advise that each and every developer must build this project. A blog application has all the functions of a blog site, including login and registration, adding blog posts with titles, descriptions, and images, and editing or deleting existing posts. The functionalities that this project must have are: Users can view what others are posting utilizing the interactive UI style of Django’s Creating A Blog. Additionally, it must offer an admin panel where users and all blog articles may be handled.

Source Code Link: Django Blog Project

12. Voting System

Project Brief:
The JavaScript APIs are used to build an interactive voting results chart in this Django framework-based voting system. A voting system project built on the Django framework has all the necessary components, including user login, system registration, user profile management, and — most crucially — the primary voting-related screen. This is quite a fascinating project in this whole list of Top 20 Django Projects.

Source Code Link: Voting System Project

13. Video and Audio Calling Project

Project Brief:
You will need to use Django, Django Channels, and WebRTC to build a straightforward video-calling application. Users will have the option of calling with audio or video. With the help of the project Channels, Django’s capabilities to handle WebSockets go beyond HTTP. For real-time, plugin-free video, audio, and data communication, WebRTC is an open standard. Peer-to-peer communication, as well as communication between devices and browsers, is made possible through WebRTC.

Source Code Link: Video and Audio Calling Project

14. Quiz App

Project Brief:
The primary goal of the developer in this project is to create a website where visitors can take a quiz. The user can choose options and submit the quiz after you have added many questions. Finally, we must determine the quiz’s overall score. This project may be applied in settings such as colleges and schools. In order to make it simple for users to manage all the comments and inquiries, we encourage them to create the backend and admin panel as well.

Source Code Link: Quiz App Project

15. Railway Reservation Django Project

Project Brief:
It is a straightforward Django railway reservation system in this series of Top 20 Django Projects with Source Code. This project enables users to look up trains, purchase tickets, cancel them, view train schedules, and view PNR. Additionally, it contains an admin section where users can add other features like trains, stations, and routes. Passengers can purchase and cancel tickets using a railway reservation system from any terminal. These tickets can be bought or canceled for journeys that begin in one area of Manila and cover lengths of up to thousands of kilometers and travel times of up to 72 hours.

Source Code Link: Railway Reservation Project

16. Project to Plot Route between Two Points

Project Brief:
In this project, you will create a web application in Django that has mapping and routing capabilities. You must create a website that, after a user clicks on two places, displays the shortest route on a map. JavaScript is required in order to accomplish that. Django is a server-side technology, so in order to obtain coordinates from mouse clicks and transfer them to the backend, we must execute a client-side program.

Source Code Link: Project to Plot Route between Two Points

17. Calorie Counter

Project Brief:
To keep track of all the calories you expend each day, use the calorie counter app. The software will calculate the calories when the user adds all the food they are eating. This project is particularly interesting among all the Top 20 Django Projects, as having a system that helps us to track our calorie is very important. We may also include a feature that allows users to enter their regular exercise routines, like jogging and running, to determine how many calories they have burned.

Source Code Link: Calorie Counter Project

18. Advanced Notes Keeper

Project Brief:
The 18th project in our article on Top 20 Python Django Projects is the Notes Keeper App. You need to create a user-friendly notes application interface for this project. You ought to give users the ability to create, amend, and remove notes from the application. Moreover, make it possible to include photographs in the notes. You need to create a user-friendly notes application interface for this project. You ought to give users the ability to create, amend, and remove notes from the application. Moreover, make it possible to include photographs in the notes.

Source Code Link: Advanced Notes Keeper Project

19. Bus Reservation System Django Project

Project Brief:
Moving on to the third project in this article on Top 20 Django Projects. Bus Reservation System in Python — The goal of Django, a rather straightforward system created in Django, SQLLite3, and Python, is to automate the purchase of online tickets using a basic online bus booking system. Passengers can search for buses to book based on origin and destination, book buses and view billings, and cancel bookings with full authentication for login, registration, and profile management using this Python Django reservation system. There includes a Django admin panel in addition to features for managing and booking reservations, client information, and passenger lists with the purchase of bus tickets.

Source Code Link: Bus Reservation System Project

20. Location-Based Web App

Project Brief:
This is the most pivotal project that we think should definitely be there in the list of Top 20 Django Projects with Source Code. Basically, we will create a location-based web application from scratch using Django and GeoDjango. You’ll be creating a straightforward app that lists the stores nearest to a user’s location in the nearby shop’s category. The user can use this software to find every single store nearby their entered address.

Source Code Link: Location-Based Web App Project

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